Sukanya Samriddhi Calculator at 9.2% Interest Rate

By | June 17, 2015

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana can help you accumulate a big amount for your daughters’ education and marriage. Although it is impossible to calculate the exact value of maturity amount from the scheme as the rate of interest will be announced every year. In financial year 2014-15 the rate of interest was 9.1% while for financial year 2015- 16 the interest is declared at a rate of 9.2% for Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme.

Sukanya Samriddhi Account Calculator

You know it is impossible still one want to have a rough estimate or approx. value what investor will get after 21 years. To get this estimate value let us take an example and understand the returns.

Sukanya Samriddhi Calculator Example 1:

Let us assume the rate of interest remain same every year @ 9.1%.

Monthly Investment Rs.10,000/- (Ten Thousand).

Yearly Investment Rs.1,20,000/- (One Lac Twenty Thousand).

So in 14 years you will invest total 16,80,000/- (Sixteen Lac Eighty Thousand).

After 21 years you will get Rs.60,71,283/- (Sixty Lac Seventy One Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Three).

Sukanya Samriddhi Account Calculator

Sukanya Samriddhi Interest Calculator Example 2:

Same way if rate of interest is 9.2 every year then the maturity value will be Rs.61,57,840 (Sixty One Lac Fifty seven Thousand Eight Hundred Forty).

This is the case if one is investing every month.

Sukanya Samriddhi Interest Calculator Example 2

Sukanya Samriddhi Interest Calculator Case Study 3

But if the investor deposits the total money for the year at once that is Rs.1,20,000 in starting of the financial year than the maturity value will increase.

The maturity value in that case by Interest rate of 9.1% will be Rs.63,12,610 (Sixty Three Lac Twelve Thousand Six Hundred Ten).

Sukanya Samriddhi Account Calculator Example 3

For Investors who are in no hurry to use their investments keep them for a long time and do not want to take any risks, SSA is an ideal investment opportunity for the betterment of their girl child.

46 thoughts on “Sukanya Samriddhi Calculator at 9.2% Interest Rate

  1. Ritesh Bhargav

    Sir My daughter is 7 years old. If I start to invest Rs.15000 every month in sukanaya samriddhi from July 2015 for next 11 years. What will be maturity value in 2028

    1. Anu Dey Post author

      You can not invest 15000 INR every month considering you can only deposit 150,000 INR annually.

  2. Venkateshh

    Sir, my daughter is born on 11-03-2004, is she eligible for sukanya samriddi scheme, please let me know exact birth date from which eligibility can be considered, bcoz i have my friend daughter born on 21-02-2005.

    1. Anu Dey Post author

      Hi! The scheme is valid for only upto 10 years old. But there is 1 year extension. So your daughter is not eligible but your friend’s daughter is.

  3. krishna

    My baby has born in she eligible for this scheme

  4. raghvendra singh

    My daughter was only one month old, now I want open ssy. If 30000 rs per annum deposited by me for 14 year. Plz infome me how many rs we get back after 21 years.

  5. rakesh

    My daughter is now 8 years so Pl let me know how much I deposit maximum amount and in which bank thank you

    1. Anu Dey Post author

      List of Authorized Banks for Sukanya Samriddhi Account

      State Bank of India (SBI)
      State Bank of Patiala (SBP)
      State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur (SBBJ)
      State Bank of Travancore (SBT)
      State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH)
      State Bank of Mysore (SBM)
      Allahabad Bank
      Andhra Bank
      Axis Bank
      Bank of Baroda (BoB)
      Bank of India (BoI)
      Bank of Maharashtra (BoM)
      Canara Bank
      Central Bank of India (CBI)
      Corporation Bank
      Dena Bank
      ICICI Bank
      IDBI Bank
      Indian Bank
      Indian Overseas Bank (IOB)
      Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC)
      Punjab National Bank (PNB)
      Punjab & Sind Bank (PSB)
      Syndicate Bank
      UCO Bank
      Union Bank of India
      United Bank of India
      Vijaya Bank

      Maximum Deposit Rs 150000 per year..

  6. Praveen

    My baby has born in she eligible for this scheme, so Pl let me know how much I deposit minimum amount..

  7. prakash

    Meri bachi 1.6 Sal ki hai.mai agar 10000 rd per year jama karta hu to .calculation me 21 Sal ke bad amount kitna hoga

  8. sharad

    above calculation shows calculation as per the- 10000/month
    but, in scheme there min. limit is 1000/year
    I am able to pay only one thousand per year,
    shall i continue or not….?

    1. Anu Dey Post author

      That is up to you how much you can invest in a year. Min is 1000/year and Max is 150000/year.

  9. sharad

    can, i get the calculation of whole scheme if I pay 1000/- per year upto maturity

  10. bharat

    meri beti ka janm 13/11/2016 ko hua he me yearly 5000 dalta hu to baad me kitna milega

  11. Jagmohan

    This is for regarding the issue of my daughter’s Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana Account for updating Guardian Name (mother’s Name to Father’s name).

    Please let me know the process to change guardian name (ie: Mother’s name need to be change with Father’s name).

    Because I need to show receipt for avail tax benefits.

    1. Anu Dey Post author

      Tax benefit can be availed only by parent from whose account SSY payment is done. However, to change guardian you need to meet Post Master / Bank Manager..

  12. MADHU

    Me and my husband are living in UAE. Our Daughter is born in UAE on 2014. All three of us hold Indian Passport and Indian Citizenship. (There is no citizenship program in UAE.) We have opened SSA account on 2015. Now we are confused with the new rule for NRI. Is there any problem with this account or is it safe now? Please suggest.

  13. Rasool

    Dear sir maine mere bachi k liye ssa account open kiya 4 saal pe tho shayad shadi 22 age pe ho tho maturity kab milega samjayenge shadi se pehle act close kar sathe hai kya plz reply me sir


    Sir, my daughter is born on 18-8-2006, is she eligible for sukanya samriddi scheme, please let me know whether i can open ssa ac. how many years i have to invest if i invest 150000 per anum and how much will be the maturity value. and what will be the maturity date

    1. Anu Dey Post author

      You can’t open now.. Your daughter is over 10 years now. You are 5 months late..

  15. shreya deb

    I have opened ssy account for my daughter in the month of June 2016 so my yearly interest will be calculated from June to June or from June to March. Or financial year which is March to March.Please explain
    Thank you

    1. Anu Dey Post author

      From June to march for 2016-17 and than from 1st Apr to 31st March.

  16. parveen pal

    i want to know that tds deducred by bank if interest more than 10000 per year

  17. shivakumar

    My daughter have no birth certificate, only having adhaar card, Ration card, school bonafide.
    My daughter eligible for account opening.

  18. Anand

    My daughter age is one year.I want to deposit in first year high amount 1lakh.after that next year I want to decrease my amount to 10,000 per annum .is it possible sir?plz explain

  19. Mandar

    I started this with Rs 1000/- Per month. But do I know what if I miss to pay an installment for a month or two??
    what happened was, I failed to pay 2 Installments in a calendar year due to my personal problem. So what will be its consequences??

    1. Anu Dey Post author

      SSY amount can be deposited anytime annually or monthly or daily. Min deposit is 1000 and max is 150000 annually. The early you deposit in starting of FY, the more interest you get back. So, if you have missed on 2 months, deposit in 3rd month.

  20. Raghu

    Dear Madam,
    I have open my baby ssy account in post office can i tranfer it to bank now


  21. Charu

    We live in USA but all of us hold the indian passport. Our daughter is going to be 3 years next month. Can we open the SSY account for her now online or we have to go to the branch only?


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